Leading your project
to success
Leading your project to success

We lead projects to success

Our strengths lie in our experience, our professional
expertise and our vision

Planet in Green is an international consulting firm that specialises in the area of renewable energy. We have developed a superb level of expertise in the field of photovoltaics in particular, and have the requisite experience, the know-how and the network for being able to lead challenging and wide ranging projects to success. We also offer our customers investment opportunities in property and company shareholdings.

Our core area of expertise is our comprehensive, wide-ranging project coordination and project management. Thanks to our longstanding project experience and wide-ranging professional expertise, we are able to manage projects with vision and to create harmony between all of the participants and stakeholders, which has often proven to be a key success factor in the past, especially in view of the differences in opinion and approach that the parties frequently have.

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