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Business Consulting

Comprehensive consulting

We have the overview and are able to look
after all of the details

We divide our services in consulting for enterprises - and consulting for governmental authorities and associations.

Governmental authorities and associations
Many countries worldwide consider to introduce programs to stimulate investment incentives for the implementation of photovoltaic projects. Our offer for governmental authorities as well as local associations which are instructed to prepare such programs is to assist to that affect. Our long termed know-how leads to a very professional way of preparing proposals which include relevant basic points that could attract investors. In our considerations and proposals we always reflect not just the investors’ interests but the regional possibilities and the acceptance by the general public. Our recommendations are always well-balanced and application-oriented. This helps to avoid expensive follow-up costs, a lack of public acceptance or even the legally complicated retroactive interference in already approved law.

Consultancy in the commercial area
Our consulting approach combines process-based and professional consulting with project management. If the specific project requires it, in our role as managers, for instance, we can also take operational and business responsibility for projects until their conclusion. We are also skilled in developing and supporting projects with widely differing business models and economic goals.

In addition to the project appraisal, our comprehensive appreciation of consulting also includes the coordination of the technical and legal due diligence. Thanks to our network, we are also able to provide tax and logistics-based recommendations for different countries. We manage the evaluation, selection and contractual configuration with construction firms (EPC contracting), and support our customers with the technical realisation, financing, and O&M contracting.

Renewable Energies

As a consulting firm and project managers, we specialise on the renewable energies segment. In the field of photovoltaics in particular, we can draw on more than a decade of experience in the supporting and responsible realisation of complex, commercially successful projects in several countries.


An investment in property always constitutes a project at the same time. Our comprehensive consulting service also includes all of our know-how surrounding the selection, evaluation, acquisition and financing of suitable real estate, especially for Asian investors who want to invest their money in Europe. We are able to manage the property, the management of the project, the financing, and the investment for our customers, including on the long-term basis.

Company shareholdings

In addition to renewable energy with solar projects and opportunities to invest in property, we also enable our customers to invest in companies and/or to purchase companies in full. There are successful small and medium sized companies with a long history in which the owners – usually for age-related reasons – are seeking a successor owner. We evaluate these companies, calculate their possible earnings, prepare the acquisition for our foreign customers, and can also manage these investments over the long term as required.